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10 Heathcliff visits Catherine for the last time


1784 Heathcliff had given me a letter for Catherinebut I decided not to show it to her until Mr Edgar was out of the houseMy chance came four days after my visit to Wuthering HeightsAs it was a SundayMr Edgar and all the servants went to churchleaving me alone to look after Catherine

She was sitting downstairsby an open windowenjoying the spring sunshineHer appearance had changed since her illnessbut there was a strange beauty in her pale faceShe did not read or sew any morebut used to sit there silently staring into the distanceHer eyes seemed fixed on something far awaysomething beyond normal sight

I showed her the letterbut she looked confused and could not seem to understand itso I had to explain  It's from Mr Heathcliff,’I said gently.‘He's in the gardenand wants to see youWhat shall I tell him?’

She said nothingbut bent forward in her chair to listen We both heard someone coming through the hallHeathcliff had realized the house was almost emptyand had found an open door Catherine looked eagerly towards the entrance to the room He appearedand in two steps was by her sideFor five whole minutes he held her in his arms and kissed her again and again it gave him great pain to look at her faceHe could seeas I couldthat she would never recoverthat she was certain to die

OhCatherineOhmy lifeHow can I bear It!’he cried.‘You and Edgar have broken my heart'said Catherine And you both want me to pity yoyHow strong you are HeathcliffYou'll live for years after my deathWill you forget meand be happy with otherswhen I'm in my grave?’‘It's wicked of you to say thatCatherineYou know your words will burn for ever in my memory after you've left me You know I could never forget you!’

I don't want you to suffer more than I doHeathcliffI only want us to be togetheralways .’

Heathcliff turned awayhis shoulders shaking  That isn't my Heathcliff,’Catherine said to me.‘I'll always love my Heathcliffand take him with meHe's in my soulyou seeOhEllenI do want to escape from this prisonThere's a beautiful world waiting for me out thereYou feel sorry for me now because I'm illWellvery soon I'll feel sorry for youbecause I'll be beyond you all!’

Heathcliff turned towards herhis fierce eyes wetFor a moment they looked at each otherand then they were in each other's arms again No one could have separated them

How cruel you've been to meCatherine!’he cried wildly You loved meso why did you marry Edgar LintonIt's all your faultI haven't broken your heartyou've broken it 108 And you've broken mine tooDo you think I want to live after you are dead?’  If I've done wrongI'm dying for it'sobbed Catherine It's your fault tooHeathcliffYou left merememberBut I forgive youNow forgive me!’

It's hard to forgivewhen I look at your sad eyesand feel your thin handsKiss me againCatherineI forgive you for making me sufferbut how can I forgive you for dying?’

Catherine sobbed quietlyhiding her face in his shoulder and tears rolled down Heathcliff's dark face

Suddenly I noticedthrough the windowthe servants coming back from churchI was afraid Mr Edgar would find Heathcliff with Catherine

My master will be here in a moment,’I warned them  I must goCatherine'said Heathcliff Nono'she screamedDen't goIt's the last time Edgar won't hurt usHeathcliffI'll die if you go!’‘All rightmy darlingI'll stayIf he shot me in your armsId die happy.’

At that moment my master appeared at the doorWhen he saw Heathcliff holding his wifehe went pale with anger

Heretake care of her first'said Heathcliffputting Catherine in her husband's arms,‘then speak to me later if you wish.’ He walked out of the house

Catherine seemed to be unconsciousand Mr Edgar was so worried about her that he forgot about Heathcliff for the momentShe recovered a littlebut did not recognize any of usand was clearly very illWe put her to bed immediately and at twelve oclock that night her daughterCathywas borntwo months earlyThat's the young lady you saw at Wuthering HeightsMr LockwoodTwo hours later Catherine diedwithout calling for Heathcliffor recognizing EdgarMy poor master was in the depths of despairI thought it was very unfortunate that Catherine had only given him a daughternot a sonNow the Linton fortune would pass to Isabella and her husband after Mr Edgar's death

Catherine's dead body lay peacefully on her bedIn death she looked more beautiful that in lifeI wondered if she was now beyond us all,’as she had saidand hoped that her soul had found a home with God

In the morning I went to look for HeathcliffI found him in the Grange gardenwhere he had been waiting for news all night  She's deadI know!’he caned to me as I came closer

Don't cryshe doesn't need your tearsTell me-tell me how did-?’He tried to say her namebut could not manage it.‘How did she die?’he said at laststaring fiercely at me Don't be sorry for meI don't want your pity!’ Poor creature!’I thought.‘You have a heart just like other menbut you are too proud to show it!’

Aloud I said,‘She died quietlyin her sleepHer life finished in a gentle dreamI hope she wakes as calmly in the other world!’ Where are youCatherine?’he cried in despair.‘Don't leave me herewhere I can't find youI pray that you will never rest while I'm aliveYou said I killed you-haunt me thenMurdered people do haunt their murderersI believe Come back as a ghost-drive me mad-I don't careOh GodI can't bear itI cannot live without youmy soul!’

He howled like a wild animaland hit his forehead several times against a treeuntil the woodwas covered in bloodI knew I could no longer help himso I left him

Catherine was buried the following FridayHer brother Hindleyalthough inviteddid not comeand Isabella was not invitedso it was only Mr Edgar and the servants who attended the ceremony To our surpriseshe was not buried in the church with the Lintonsnor with the EarnshawsShe lies in an open corner of the churchyardwhere she can breather the air from the moorsHer husband's grave is next to hers



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