abide by

1be faithful toobey keep toadhere to严守;遵守;坚持

If you join the clubyou must abide by its rules.你参加这个俱乐部就得遵守其规章。

I expect him to abide by his decision to help us.我希望他能坚持他帮助我们的决定。

Both sides should strictly abide by the contract.双方应恪守本合同。

Californians and New Englanders abide by the same federal laws.加利福尼亚人和新英格兰人遵守同样的联邦法律。


Having made our decision we must abide by it.我们既已作出决定,就应该照着办。

She will abide by her promise.她会履行诺言的。

3suffer the consequences of承担…的后果

You two will have to abide by the inevitable.你们两个人不得不承受那无可幸免的事。

He said he'd abide by all possible consequences.他说他将承担一切可能的后果。

You must abide by the results of your mistakes.你必须承担由你的错误所造成的后果。