accede to

1give approval toa requestagreementan applicationetc.)同意;批准;应允(要求、请求、申请等)

We are ready to accede to your request for further information.你们如果还需要资料,我们乐于随时提供。

She did not accede to my request.她不曾答应我的请求。

My application was acceded to.我的申请获得了批准。

2 follow sb and takea position); enter uponan office)接任;就职

Last week she acceded to the mayor.上星期她就任市长。

The prince acceded to the throne.这位王子继承了王位。

3joina party an agreement a countryetc.)加入;参加(党派、协议、国家等)

They have acceded to the Party.他们入党了。