account for

1explaingive a reason for解释;说明…的原因

How do you account for the accident?你如何解释这次事故的原因?

We asked him to account for his conduct.我们要他对自己的行为加以解释。

2give a statement to show how money or goods have been dealt with说明(钱等的)用途

You have to account for losing such a large sum of money.丢了这么一大笔钱,你务必解释清楚。

We must account for every cent we spent.我们花掉的每一分钱,都要有个交代。

3be responsible for负责The librarian has to account for each book in his charge.图书管理员应对所管的每一本书负责。

You will have to account for the misprints in the article.你必须对文章中的印刷错误负责。

It will take him 20 years in prison to account for such a terrible crime.他犯有严重罪行,将在监狱中监禁20年。

4occupyamount to(数量)占;共计达

In that countrythe production of raw materials accounts for a considerable proportion of the national economy.在那个国家,原材料生产在国民经济中占相当大的比重。

League members account for the majority of the students in the class.团员占这个班学生的大多数。