add up

1put together加起来

Add these figures up and see what the total is.把这些数字加起来,看看总数是多少。

The numbers wouldn't add up.这些数字加起来与总数不符。

2assess help估计;权衡;有所帮助

They added up all the advantages and disadvantages and tried to come to a decision.他们权衡了所有的利弊得失,试图做出决定。

Doing morning exercise every day will add up.天天做早操有益于健康。

3make sensepresent a reasonable picture有意义;合情合理His excuse just doesn't add up.他的借口简直没有道理。

Nothing he does seems to add up.他的所作所为似乎没有意义。

His story didn't add up.他的故事不合情理。