after all

1everything being considered毕竟;总之

After allhe is your father.他毕竟是你的父亲。

Don't get discouraged by setbackswe are new to the work after all.别因挫折而灰心,这工作对我们来说毕竟还是新的。

2neverthelessin spite of what has happened到底

He hasn't finished the work butafter allhe is a very busy man.他还没有完成那项工作,但说到底他是一个很忙的人。

She failed after all.她到底还是失败了。

Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had too much homeworkbut he went after all.虽然鲍勃因有太多的家庭作业而认为不能参加聚会,但他终于还是去了。