agree with

1have the same opinion asapprove of同意

I can't agree with you on this matter.在这个问题上我不同意你的意见。

I don't agree with a single word that you have said.你刚才说的话,我一点也不赞成。

2suitbe good for适合;适宜

The climate there does not agree with her.那里的气候对她不适宜。

Rich food doesn't agree with her.油腻的食品不合她的胃口。

3coincide withbe the same as 相一致;相等

The bill does not agree with your estimate.账单与你原来的估计不符。

His explanation agrees with the facts.他的解释同事实是相符的。

4approve of赞成

I don't agree with people drinking brandy all day long.我不赞成人们成天喝白兰地。