all in all

1all things consideredas a whole就整体来说

All in all this is a good film.总的说来,这是一部很好的电影。

All in allit was a pleasant cruise today.总之,今天的水上旅行是愉快的。

2the main object of love and devotion最心爱的人;最珍重的物

The daughter was all in all to him.女儿是他的掌上明珠。

Music was his all in all.他最喜欢的就是音乐。

3the most important or decisive matter最重要的东西

Money is all in all to her.金钱对她来说是最重要的。

Grammar is not all in all in learning a foreign language.在外语学习中,语法并不是头等重要的。