answer for

1 be responsible fortake the responsibility for对…负责

You must answer for any missing articles after the party.你必须对聚会后遗失的任何物品负责。

Parents should answer for their children's behaviour.父母应对自己孩子的行为负责。

2guarantee 保证;担保

I can answer for his honesty.我可以保证他是诚实的。

I will answer for the truth of his statements.我担保他说的话是真实的。

3be punished or blamed for因…而受罚;因…而受责备

He will have to answer for his crimes.他必须因他的罪行而受到惩罚。

Someday you will answer for your foolish behaviour.总有一天你将因你的愚蠢行为而受到惩罚。

4serve for起…作用

That night the table answered for a bed for me.那天晚上那张桌子成了我的床。

5speak for代表…讲话

Stop answering for Johnlet him speak.不要替约翰说,让他自己讲。

I can't answer for the other members of the committee.我不能代表其他委员的意见。