answer to

1correspond tobe in accordance with符合;相符;一致

We all hope that the result will answer to our expectation.我们都希望结果和我们预料的一样。

That answers precisely to our needs.那正符合我们的需要。

A man answering to the police description was arrested in London last night.那个与警察描述的特征相符的人,昨晚已在伦敦被捕。

2be responsible to对…负责

You'll have to answer to me if any harm comes to these children.要是这些孩子受到什么伤害,我将唯你是问。

He said he was ready to answer to those who worked under his direction.他说他愿意对在他领导下工作的人负责。

3respond toreply to对…做出反应;听从

The illness doesn't answer to medical treatment.这病治疗无效。

Young people should answer to the nation's call to go where they are most needed.青年人应该听从国家号召,到最需要的地方去。