appeal to

1ask for a reconsidered judgement上诉

He appealed to the Supreme Court.他向最高法院上诉。

2attractseem good to有感染力;有吸引力

Does this piece of music appeal to you?你喜欢这首乐曲吗?

Your argument appeals to us.你的论点使我们很感兴趣。

3look for support in sth.求助于;诉诸于

They appealed to arms to settle the disturbance in the city.他们诉诸武力来解决这个城市的动乱。

The government appealed to the people for support.政府呼吁人们给予支持。

4make an earnest request of向…提出恳求

They appealed to him to abandon the idea.他们请求他放弃这个想法。

The prisoner appealed to the judge for mercy.罪犯向法官恳求宽大处理。