as it is

1reallyin reality事实上

We hoped that things would get betterbut as it is they are getting worse.我们本希望情况会好转的,但是事实上,现在情况正在恶化。

He seemed to be around fifty but as it was he was over sixty.他看上去只有 50岁左右,但事实上他已经60多岁了。

As it is he is a noblehearted man with profound thinking.事实上,他是一个心灵高尚,思想深刻的人。

2without changes or improvementsused after the word it modifies)照原来的样子(位于被修饰词之后)

Leave it as it is.听其自然。

It's good enough as it is.照现在这个样子已经很不错了。

They agree to buy the house just as it is.他们同意照房子原状买下来。