ask for

1requestask to be given请求;向…要

The workers are asking for an increase in pay.工人在请求增加工资。

She asked for time to think all this over.她要求给她时间把这一切仔细想一想。

2demandask to see要求(见)

Here's a gentleman asking for the manager.这里有位先生要求见经理。

3run the risk of sth.招惹;自找(麻烦)

He is foolish to behave in that wayhe is asking for trouble.他那样做是愚蠢的,是自找麻烦。

She had been teasing the dog for weeks and I'm not surprised it bit hershe certainly asked for it.她好几个星期一直在逗弄那条狗,那狗咬了她并不奇怪,这是自作自受。