at home

1in the housein the place where one lives or comes from在家;在家乡;在国内

There's no one at home.家里没人。

He was very famous at home and abroad.他在国内外都很有名。

Americans abroad are protected by the government like Americans at home.海外的美国人如同在国内一样,受到政府的保护。

2comfortable at ease安逸;自在

She feels at home.她觉得很自如,象在家里一样。

Please make yourself at home.请随便一些。

3familiar skillful熟悉;精通

Would you be at home driving a truck?你开卡车内行吗?

Tom has read many books about physics and is at home in that subject.汤姆读过很多关于物理学的书,因此他精通这门学科。