at large

1free not confined at liberty自由地;未被捕;逍遥法外

The criminal is still at large.那个罪犯依然逍遥法外。

It is disturbing to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.在宁静的乡村里有一只危险的野兽依然肆意逍遥,想起来未免令人忐忑不安。

2as a wholealtogether普遍的;一般的;整体的

The country at large is hoping for political and economic reforms.全国人民普遍希望进行政治和经济改革。

He was elected congressman at large.他被全体选民选为议员。

All peoples at large are for peace.各国民众全都赞成和平。

3fully completely详尽地

Please explain the passage at large.请详细地讲解这篇短文。

There is no time to discuss the subject at large at this meeting.这次会上,我们没有时间充分讨论这个问题。