attach to

1fasten or joinone thing to another);be part of粘上;贴上;附属于

Please attach the sample to the letter.请随信附上样品。

Attach the handle to the box.把这个把手装在盒子上。

This hospital is attached to a medical college.这家医院附属于一个医学院。

2belong to be attribute to属于 ;归于

No suspicion can be attached to the accountant.没有理由怀疑这位会计。

The main credit for the success of the test attaches to the thoroughness in their work.这次试验之所以成功,主要归功于他们工作中一丝不苟的精神。

No blame attaches to him for the accident.责任不在他身上。


He attached himself to the group of climbers.他加入了爬山者的行列。

He attached himself to the Party.他入党了。

4consider to haveimportanceetc.)认为有(重要性)

Do you attach much importance to what he says?你认为他说的话重要吗?

5be appointed to another unit for special duties任命;被派遣到另一单位担任特定任务

Last week he was attached to chief manager.上星期他被任命为总经理。

6be bound to by love or affection 深爱;依恋

She is deeply attached to her young brother.她深深地爱她的小弟。

He is foolishly attached to old customs.他愚蠢地沿习着旧习俗。