back out

1withdraw from an agreement or contract撤回协议或契约;退出

If you back out from the contractyou will have to pay a large sum of money to the company.如果你违背协议,就得向公司支付一大笔钱。

She backed out of her engagement.她不履行婚约。

2fail to fulfil sth such as a promise or obligation食言;收回承担的责任

He agreed to lend me the moneybut backed out later.他答应借钱给我的,可是后来变卦了。

At the last minute John backed out and refused to go with us.最后一分钟时,约翰变卦了,不同意和我们一起去。

He backed out because there was not much profit in this undertaking.由于这项事业效益不大,他中途退出了。