bargain away

1continue talking about a price 讨价还价

Women like to bargain away in the market.妇女们喜欢在市场上讨价还价。

2allow sth to be sold or lostat a low pricefor sthof little vaLue lose through bargaining为获取某物廉价出售;通过讨价还价而失掉

It was foolish of them to bargain away a vast area of their territory for a sum of money.为了一笔钱,他们竟轻易地放弃了大片领土,真是太蠢了。

He bargained away his property.他贱卖了自己的财产。

They have bargained away all hope of success.他们因讨价还价而丧失了所有成功的希望。