be off

1go away leave离开

MrSmith has been off to Paris.史密斯先生已经离开去巴黎了。

2be cancelled被取消

The trip was off because of the bad weather.这次旅行因天气不好而被取消了。

3stay away from work finish work下班;完工;休假

She is off work at eight o'clock tonight.他今晚8点钟下班。

4have gone bad变坏;变质

The meat is off Don't eat it.肉变质了,不要再吃了。

5 have become loose松开

There's a button off your coar.你的外衣掉了一个扣子。

6 be prevented from eating etc.戒某种食品

He's been off alcohol since his illness.他自病后就戒酒了。

7 dislike厌恶

I'm off eggs just nowI ate so many last week.我现在厌恶鸡蛋,上周吃得太多了。