bear down

1weigh heavily upon负重 ;压垮

The heavy load seemed to bear the old man down.这重担似乎要把老人压垮了。

This responsibility bears down on him.这个责任沉重地压在他的肩上。


His determined efforts at last bore down all his opponents.他坚韧不拔,终于战胜了所有对手。

3strive harder intensify one's effort加紧努力

She is bearing down in her studies to win a scholarship.为了获得奖学金,她正发奋学习。

The driver bore down with all his strength to control the car when the wheels slipped.当轮子打滑时,司机竭尽全力去控制住汽车。

We must bear down to keep our unbeaten record intact.我们必须努力保持不败的记录。