bear up

1have couragenot lose heart (在困难情况下)坚强;不气馁

She bore up well against that trouble.她坚强地度过了那次难关。

She bears up in face of difficulties.在困难面前她不气馁。

The young girl bore up well after her failure of first jumps.在几次试跳失败之后,那位姑娘表现得十分坚强。

2support sb in time of trouble (在困难时)帮助

He couldn't have liced through the crisis without John to bear him up.要是没有约翰的帮助,他是很难度过那次难关的。

3remain strong without being broken支撑得住

The bridge will bear up well under a tank.即使一辆坦克开上去,这座桥也能承受得了。