beat down

1force or persuade sb to lower his price迫使或劝说(某人)降价;还价

At first he asked for fifty poundsbut I beat him down to fortyfive.起初他要50镑,后来我把价杀到45镑。

Can we beat down the price?我们能还价吗?

2crushpour down摧毁;倾泻于;照射

All their defenses were beaten down by the tanks.他们所有的防御工事都被坦克摧毁了。

The heavy rain beat down the crops.大雨倾盆,猛打着庄稼。

3shine brightly or hotly烈日照射

In summer the sun beats down on the roofso that the upper rooms become unbearably hot.夏天烈日直射屋顶,因此楼上的房间酷热难忍。

The crowds stood there for over an hour with the sun beating down on them.群众站在那里一个多小时,烈日一直照在他们身上。


He was thoroughly beaten down and wretched.他十分沮丧和痛苦。