beat up

1beat severely痛打

He told the police that he had been beaten up by two masked men.他告诉警察说两个蒙面人把他痛打了一顿。

They not only robbed the man of his money but beat him up.他们不仅抢了那人的钱,而且还把他毒打了一顿。

2mix thoroughly搅拌

She beat up me egg in the flour.她把鸡蛋同面粉搅拌匀。

He is beating up cream.他正在搅拌奶油。

3go against the wind逆风而行

The ship was beating up the channel.船在海峡里逆风而行。

4seek eagerlygather together 热切地寻找;召集

She tried to beat up some support for the campaign she was leading.她努力为自己所领导的运动寻求支持。

They will do their best to beat up customers for their company.他们将尽力为其公司招徕生意。

5disturb as by a sudden visit惊扰

Don't beat up the rabbit.不要惊跑那只兔子。

The enemy were unaware of our closing in until two shots beat them up.敌人没有觉察到我们已经逼近,直到两声枪响震惊了他们。