belong to

1be the property of属于

All power in China belongs to the people.在中国一切权力属于人民。

This old musical instrument has belonged to our family for a long time.我们家拥有这个古老的乐器已有很长时间了。

In our country land doesn't belong to any individual.在我们国家,土地不属于任何私人所有。

2be a member of be connected with为…的成员;同…有关

Many people of different political views belong to the club.这个俱乐部里汇集了许多政治观点不同的人。

Over ninetenths of the inhabitants there belong to the Han nationality?那儿十分之九以上的居民属于汉族。

I don't know to which team he belongs.我不知道他是哪个队的成员。