black out

1darken by putting out or dimming lights so that no light is seen from outside使灯光熄灭(或暗下来);实行灯火管制

The city was blacked out during the air raid.空袭期间,全城都实行了灯火管制。

During the war we had to black out all our windows.在战争期间我们不得不把所有的窗户遮暗。

The factory was blacked out due to power failure.这家工厂由于停电一片漆黑。

2coverespwith inkso as to hide completelycut out涂掉;删去

You had better black out that word.你最好把那个字涂掉。

In wartimethey often blacked out all newsor gave out false news.在战争期间,他们常封锁消息或者发布假新闻。

3lose consciousnesslose one's memory失去知觉;暂时失去记忆

After the accident he blacked out and couldn't remember what happened.事故之后,他晕倒了,记不起发生了什么事。

It had been a hard and tiring dayand she suddenly blacked out.一整天辛苦疲劳后,她突然昏倒了。

4cause silence or jamradio transmission)封锁或干扰广播

The enemy hoped to black out our radio transmission.敌人想干扰我们电台的广播。

blame for consider sbresponsible forfind fault with sb.因…责备(某人)

The driver blamed the cyclist for the accident.司机把这次事故归咎于那个骑车人。

The manager blamed the office boy for losing the key.经理责备勤务员丢了钥匙。

The accountant was blamed for the mistake.会计因有错误而受责备。