blast off

1raise or remove by an explosion 爆炸;炸毁

The explosin blasted the roof off.炮弹把房顶炸飞了。

2.(of a space vehiclerise into space(火箭,导弹)发射;升空

The jet fighters blasted off from the deck of the aircraft carrier.喷气式战斗机从航空母舰的甲板上起飞。

The missile will blast off at 10 amlocal time.这枚导弹将在当地时间上午10点发射。

3show ill temper towards sb.对某人发脾气

When I entered the room he was blasting off.我进屋时他正在大发雷霆。

The boss blasted off at the staff for poor business.由于生意不好,老板向雇员们发火。