blow out

1explode and stop functioningburstsaid generally of tires)爆炸;爆裂(通常指轮胎)

Don't pump too much air into the tireotherwise you blow it out.气别打得太足,否则轮胎会炸掉的。

We arrived late because the front tire blew out on the way.我们迟到了,因为车的前胎在路上爆了。

2stop burning by blowing吹熄

She blew out the candle.她吹灭了蜡烛。

3stop blowing(风)停止

The storm blew itself out after five days5天后,暴风雨停了。

4.(cause a fusea bulbetctomelt(使保险丝、灯泡等)烧断

A short circuit suddenly blew out the fuse.短路突然把保险丝烧断了。

An abnormally high lightning current blew out many television sets in the high building.一股超强的闪电电流烧坏了这座高层建筑内的许多电视机。