blow up

1destroy by explosion炸毁;爆炸

There were thousands of passengers in the train when it blew up.那列火车爆炸时,上面有几千名乘客。

The enemy blew up all the bridges in this area.敌人炸毁了这个地区所有的桥梁。

A chemical factory blew up in the city yesterday.昨天,这个城里的一家化工厂发生了爆炸。

2become suddenly angry突然发怒

He blew up at me when I told him that I couldn't do it.当我告诉他我不能做这件事时,他对我大发雷霆。

I'm sorry I blew up at you this morning.很抱歉,今天上午我跟你发了脾气。

3fill with airinflate打气

I'll have these tires blown up.我要给这些轮胎打打气。


This whole affair has been blown up.整个这件事已经被夸大了。

Don't blow this thing up more than necessary.别过分夸大这件事。

He blows up his boss with flattery.他对他的老板阿谀奉承。

5increase in sizeenlarge放大

These prints would look very good blown up.这些图片放大后会非常好看。

He has blown the print up.他已经放大了这张像片。

6scold scverely怒斥

The headmaster blew the boys up about the broken window.校长斥责这些孩子打坏了窗户。

The boss blew Mary up for being late without a good excuse.由于玛丽迟到,又没有适当的理由,老板把她训了一顿。

The teacher blew him up for not doing his homework.老师严厉地批评他未做家庭作业。