bottle up


There was no understanding person to talk toso he bottled up his unhappy feelings.既然没有可以相互理解的人谈心里话,他只好把不悦之情闷在心里。

The tension in the family is caused by everyone bottling up their feelings.家庭的紧张关系是因为大家把不悦之情闷在心里所造成的。

Don't bottle it upspeak out.不要闷在心里,都说出来。

2entrapenclose 使陷入困境;包围

Our warships bottled up the enemy fleet in the harbour.我们的舰队把敌舰封锁在港内。

The enemy was bottled up like turtles in a jar.敌人被围困得象瓮中之鳖。