bound to

1under the obligationobliged有义务的;受到约束的

We are bound to help them overcome the difficulties.我们有义务帮助他们克服困难。

2sure todetermined to 一定的;决心要

Are you bound to stay at the office so late?你必须在办公室呆到这么晚吗?

The girl is bound to win a prize medal.这女孩决心要获得奖章。

Under the leadership of the Partythe Chinese people are bound to win the victory.在党的领导下,中国人民必定取得胜利。

He is bound to succeed in doing the experiment.他一定会试验成功。

3destined for驶往

She stood on the seasidewatching the ships bound to distant lands.她站在海边,目送船舶驶向遥远的国度。