break away

1come apartcome into pieces破裂;裂开

The wings of the plane broke away in midairso the plane crashed.机翼在半空中裂开,所以飞机失事了。

2escaperebel 逃跑;反叛

The criminal broke away from the policemen.罪犯从警察手中逃走了。

I imagine he will try to break away.我想他会设法逃跑。

3end one's connection with脱离(社团、政党等);断绝关系

The state has broken away from the union.这个州已经脱离了联邦政府。

He broke away from his family and went abroad.他与家庭断绝了关系,到国外去了。

4get rid ofabandon 放弃;解除

You should break away from such bad habits.你应该改掉这样的坏习惯。

We must break away from convention and adopt as many advanced techniques as possible.我们必须打破常规,尽量采用先进技术。