break in

1enter by forceusnunlawfully 闯入

A thief broke in during the night and stole all his money.盗贼夜间闯了进来,偷走了他所有的钱。

Many students broke in the door of the burning laboratory.许多学生破门进入失火的实验室。

2interrupt 插嘴

Don't break in when your teacher is speaking.当你的老师说话的时候不要插嘴。

While I was explaining my point of viewhe broke in to argue with me.正当我在解释我的观点时,他插进来和我争论。

3traintame 训练

The horse has been well broken in.这匹马受过良好的训练。

That PLA man is much noted for his skill in breaking in horses.那个解放军战士以善于驯马而出名。

4help adjustadjust through usage sthwhich is new and stiff 使适应新工作;使新物品逐渐合用

I'll give you an easy job just to break you in to the work.先让你干点容易的事情,以便适应工作。

Our new teachers are breaking in well.我们的新教师正在逐渐适应工作。

He is broken in to the new work.他已经适应了新的工作。

These new shoes are hurting meI'll be glad when they are broken in.这双新鞋穿上紧脚不舒服,等穿到合脚时我会很高兴的。