break into

1divide 分成

Alice broke the chocolate into piecesone for each person.爱丽丝把巧克力分成小块,每人一块。

2enter by force 闯入

The policeman found that the house had been broken into and a quantity of jewellery stolen.警察发现有人闯入室内,盗走一批珠宝。

The thieves planned to break into the bank.小偷预谋闯进这家银行。

3burst intobegin suddenly 突然…起来

Jack broke into laughter.杰克突然大笑起来。

At this point even the interpreter broke into weeping.到这时连翻译都哭泣起来了。

4interrupt 打断

Don't break into their conversationthey are discussing something important.不要打断他们的谈话,他们正在讨论重要的事情。

5open and consumesthin reserve);occupy 启开和动用(储存物品);侵占;占用

He has broken into the money he has saved for long.他已动用他长期积蓄的钱。

They were so hungry that they couldn't help breaking into their emergency supplies of food and water.他们饿极了,不得不动用应急食物和饮水。

I can't take on any extra workmy spare time has been broken into far too much as it is.我不能再承担任何额外的工作,就现在这样我的业余时间已经占用得过多了。

Housework has broken into a lot of my time.家务事已占用了我很多时间。