break off

1separate by breaking 弄碎;折掉

He broke off a piece of chocolate and offered it to me.他掰开一块巧克力递给了我。

He broke off a branch and gave it to me.他折了一根树枝,把它递给了我。

2.(relationshipagreementend or terminate suddenly(关系、协议等)突然结束;解除

The two countries broke off their relations last month.这两个国家上个月中断了外交关系。

Unfortunately the negotiations have been broken off and are not expected to be resumed.不幸的是,谈判已中断,而且不能指望再恢复了。

The girl broke off her engagement last week.这个女孩上周解除了婚约。

3stop speakingcease suddenly 中止(谈话);突然停止

We had to break off our discussion because it was getting late.时间晚了,我们不得不中断讨论。

Jack broke off telling the story to answer the telephone.杰克中断了正在讲的故事,去接一个电话。

The conference broke off at noon.中午休会。

Bill broke off in the middle of his speech because of shouts of protest from the audience.彼尔在听众的一片抗议声中中断了发言。

4stop working for a short time 工间休息

Let's break off for ten minutes.我们休息10分钟吧。

The whole cast broke off for coffee in the middle of the rehearsal.在排练当中全体演员休息了一会喝咖啡。

5abandoninterrupt 放弃;打断

The doctor advised him to break off smoking.医生劝他戒烟。

Her intrusion broke off our conversation.她闯进来打断了我们的谈话。