break out

1occur suddenly 爆发;(突然)发生

The Second World War broke out in September1939.第二次世界大战于19399月爆发。

A fire broke out in this hotel last night.昨晚这家旅馆发生了火灾。

The economic crisis broke out first in the United States.经济危机首先在美国爆发。

Fighting has broken out on the border and is expected to continue until a settlement is reached.战斗在边界打响了,预料会继续下去直到问题得到解决。

2escape 逃脱

Three prisoners have broken out this week and are on the run.本周有3名囚犯越狱逃跑。

He spent several months in a Nazi concentration camp before he broke out.他在纳粹集中营里关了几个月后逃了出来。

3show sudden violence in speech or behaviour(言语或行为)突然激烈

The whole meeting broke out in cheers.整个会场爆发出阵阵欢呼声。

She broke out in tears.她突然哭了起来。

He broke out:“That is not so!”他猛然吼道:“并不是这么回事。”

He is liable to break out into furious passions.他很容易暴跳如雷。