break through

1break a way throughovercome 突破;冲破;克服

The allied forces soon broke through the enemy's defence line.联军很快就突破了敌人的防线。

The soldiers have managed to break through.战士们已设法突围。

We broke through countless enemy encirclements and blockades until we finally reached northern Shanxi.我们突破了敌人无数次的包围和封锁,最后到达了陕北。

All difficulties can be broken through.一切困难都能战胜。

2achieve sthmewmake a discovery of a new and important kind 取得某种新成就;作出重大发现

Nuclear physicists claimed to have broken through in several new aspects of the nature of the atom.核物理学家们宣称,在有关原子本质的几个新方面已有重大突破。

Scientists hope to break through soon in their fight against heart disease.科学家们希望不久在治疗心脏病方面有所突破。

He failed many times but he finally broke through to find a successful polio vaccine.他失败了许多次,但最终成功地发现了预防小儿麻痹症的疫苗。

3make an appearance出现

A little later the sun broke through the clouds.一会儿太阳就钻出了云层。