break up

1smash to piecesdivide into small pieces 打破;弄碎;拆开

She broke up the glass in her search for money.她在找钱时把玻璃打碎了。

He can break up that stone with his hand.他用手能打碎那块石头。

2end for a holiday(学校期终)放假

The boys will break up for the Christmas vacation next week.孩子们下周放圣诞假。

When does the school break up for the summer holidays?学校什么时候放暑假?

We break up on July 25th.我们725日放假。

3endstop 结束;停止

The party broke up at midnight.晚会在午夜结束。

What time is the meeting expected to break up?会议可望在几点钟结束?

He broke up the fight between the two gangs.他制止了两伙人打架。

A fight started in that street last nightso the police were called in to break it up.昨晚在那条马路上发生了一起斗殴事件,人们把警察叫来制止。

4become weakupset completely (指人)身体衰弱;完全搅乱

He may break up under all these troubles.遇到这么多麻烦,他可能会垮下来。

This trouble has really broken him up.这件麻烦事确实使他心烦意乱。

5lose or destroy spirit or selfcontrol精神崩溃(常用于被动语态)

She was all broken up after her daughter's deathand did not go out of the house for two months.她在女儿死后精神崩溃了,有两个月没有出家门。

6stop being friendsseparate绝交

Mary and John were good friendsbut then they had a quarrel and broke up.玛丽和约翰原来是好朋友,但后来吵了一架便绝交了。