bring around/round

1persuade sbto change his opinion劝告某人改变主意

At first he stuct to his own opinion stubbornly but we brought him around to our way of thinking.开始他顽固地坚持自己的意见,但最后我们使他接受了我们的思路。

We must bring them around to our point of view.我们必须劝告他们接受我们的观点。

In a strike situationworkers try to bring the management around to their view by refusing to work.罢工时,工人们企图通过拒绝上班来迫使资方接受他们的要求。

2bring sbto an agreed place 带某人到(约定的场所)

He brought the visitors around to the exhibition hall.他把参观者带到了展览厅。

3cause to recover from fainting or illness 使苏醒;使复原

Two girls fainted in the heat but we soon brought them around.有两个女孩因中暑昏过去了,可是我们很快便使她们恢复了知觉。

The doctor brought the man round shortly after the accident.医生在事故发生后不久就使那人苏醒过来了。

4directa conversation or discussionto one's favourite subject把(话题或讨论)引向自己爱好的题目

By talking about the Women's Day he managed to bring the conversation around to the women's liberation movement.谈到妇女节时,他就把话题转到妇女解放运动上来了。