bring down

1reducemake low 减少(价格);使跌落

After much hard bargaining he brought the trader down to 100for the carpet.经过激烈的讨价还价之后,他使卖主的地毯降到100美元。

Some countries demand to bring down the price of petroleum.一些国家要求降低石油价格。

Sellers at last agreed to bring down the prices by 5%.卖方最终同意降低5%的价格出售。

2defeatcause to come down 推翻;击落

The opposition party planned to bring the government down.反对党谋划推翻政府。

This scandal could well bring him down.这件丑事很有可能使他垮台。

He brought down 9 enemy aircraft during the Korean War.在朝鲜战场上他击落了9架敌机。

3cause to be in low spiritsdePressdeflate 使情绪低落;使沮丧;使泄气

The temporary setback seemed to have brought them down completely.暂时的挫折似乎使他们完全失去了信心。

Even the failure did not bring him down.甚至失败也没有使他沮丧。