bring forth

1produce 生产;产生;提出

His vegetable garden brings forth a great number of watermelons every year.他的菜园里每年生产大量的西瓜。

He brought forth a new planjust as unworkable as the old one.他提出了一个新计划,跟老计划一样行不通。

2give rise to 引起

Idleness and luxury bring forth poverty and want.懒惰和奢侈导致贫困和匮乏。

Polluted water might bring forth a host of diseases.污染的水可能会引起许多疾病。

His carelessness brought forth an accident.他的粗心大意惹出了意外事故。


Don't bring forth the secret.切勿泄露这个秘密。