bring in


The farmers are busy bringing in the wheat.农民们正忙着收小麦。


The newcomers bring in new customs and new habits.新来者带来新风俗、新习惯。

They've brought in experts to advise on the scheme.他们请来了专家当该项目的顾问。

The government has brought in a bill to deal with the matter.政府通过了一项法案来处理那个问题。

You will have to bring in some outside help or you will never get the job finished in time.你必须借助一些外来的帮助,否则是不能按时完成这项工作的。

3give a verdict判决

The jury brought him in guilty.陪审团判他有罪。

4yielda profit)赚;赢

In addition to his salaryhe has investments which bring in about five hundred pounds a year.除了工资外,他的投资每年还有大约500英镑的红利。