bring off

1carry awayrescue 运走;救出

They brought off all the fishermen on board a sinking boat floating adrift in the sea.他们把飘浮在海上的一艘沉船上的渔民全部救了出来。

The lifeboat brought off most of the crew.救生船抢救出了大部分船员。

2succeed incomplete successfully 成功地完成

He brought the deal off in a spectacular way.他惊人地完成了这项交易。

You've brought it off at lastI am glad you have passed the test.你总算圆满地把它结束了,我很高兴你能通过这次考试。

The plan will probably encounter a great deal of oppositionbut with tactics and patience I think we'll be able to bring it off.这项计划可能遭到许多反对,但是凭着机智和耐心,我想我们会成功的。