bring out

1reveal clearlypresentbring to lightdevelop暴露;显露;发展,发挥

Difficulties can bring out a person's best qualities.艰难困苦方能显示出一个人的优秀品质。

The teacher helped to bring out the meaning of the poem.教师帮助阐释这首诗的含义。

This kind of work brings out the best in him.这种工作最能发挥他的才干。

2publishproduce or sell出版;发行

They try to bring out one new book each month.他们争取每月出版一本新书。

An old college friend of mine has brought out a book on English poetry.我大学期间的一位老朋友出版了一本英文诗歌方面的书。


They are bringing out a new brand of soap powder next month.他们要在下月投放市场一种新牌洗衣粉。

The factory is bringing out a new type of recorder.这家工厂正在生产一种新型录音机。