bring to

1restore to consciousness 苏醒

They threw some cold water over her head to bring her to.他们在她头上撒了一些冷水使她苏醒过来。

I once brought a fellow to that was drowned.我有一次曾经把一个溺水的人救活。

He will soon be brought to.他会很快被救醒过来。

The doctor has brought him to by artificial respiration.医生用人工 呼吸使他恢复了知觉。

2bringa shipto a stop使(船)停下

The ship was finally brought to after a stormy voyage.船在暴风雨中航行了一段时间后终于停了下来。

The sailors brought their ship to by dropping the anchor.水手们抛锚停船。