bring up

1raise from childhoodeducate 抚育;教育

We must train and bring up millions of successors to out revolutionary cause.我们必须培养和造就千百万革命事业的接班人。

That child is very badly brought up.那孩子的教养很差。

His father believed in bringing him up the hard way.他父亲主张对他管教要严。

The couple brought up many children of the martyrs.这对夫妇养育了许多烈士的后代。

2mention or present for attention or consideration提出(让人注意或考虑)

Your suggestion will be brought up at the mext meeting.你的建议将在下次会议上提出来讨论。

In the course of study they brought up many questions.在学习过程中他们提出了很多问题。

Please bring your plan up at the meeting.请将你的计划在会上提出来。

3cause to stop使…停下

The captain was able to bring the ship up just before it hit a huge rock.在即将撞上巨石的关头,船长把船停了下来。


Martin has been bringing up all morning.马丁整个早上都在呕吐。