brush off

1remove with a brushdisappear or come off as a result of being brushed 刷去;刷落

She brushed off the dust on her shoes.她刷去鞋子上的灰尘。

Don't worrythe dirt will brush off easily.别着急,这脏东西很容易刷掉。

He brushed the hairs off.她把身上的头发刷去了。

2rejectdismiss curtlynot take seriously 拒绝;毫不客气地把…打发走;对…不在乎

He brushed off all our suggestions.他拒绝了我们所有的建议。

I invited him to watch an opera with me yesterdaybut he brushed me off.昨天我邀请他同我一起去看戏,但是他毫不客气地拒绝了。

I didn't expect her to brush us off like this.我没有料到她会这样拒绝我们。

He cut his finger but he brushed it off and kept on working.他划破了手指,但他若无其事地继续工作。