build up

1increase in power and numberdevelopmake strongerestablish.发展;使强大;建立

They have been building up their military strength.他们一直在发展军事力量。

The enemy are building up their offensive capacity along the border.敌人正在边界一带增强他们的进攻能力。

2amassaccumulate gradually 聚积

Tension is building up in this area.这个地区的局势日趋紧张。

Clouds are building up over the sea.在海面上空,聚集着一片乌云。

He has built up quite a fortune in that business.他从那项经营中积累了一大笔钱。

3restore sb's strength or physique after an illnessdevelop恢复健康;发育

Every morning he spends 45 minutes doing physical exercises to build up his health.每天早晨他花45分钟锻炼身体,以增强体质。

He has built up a remarkable physique by following these exercises.他通过这些锻炼练出了非常健康的体格。

Good food builds up the body.好食品能促进健康。

4acquireincrease in fame 取得;使…逐渐出名

He has built up his reputation.他使自己逐渐出了名。

They have built that boy up into a leading singer.他们已把那个男孩培养成了主要歌手。