burn out

1destroy by burning 烧掉(家、店、财产等)

The fire burned out his shop and left him deep in debt.火烧掉了他的商店,使他负债累累。

2.(electrical equipmentstop functioningbecome useless 烧坏(电灯泡、电器)

The electric light bulb is burnt out.电灯泡烧坏了。

There are no lights in the housePerhaps a fuse has burned out.屋里没灯,可能是保险丝烧坏了。

3dieburn to an end(炉火等)烧尽;燃完

The oil lamp has burned out.煤油灯的油燃尽了。

4wear out or cause to wear out through overwork 因工作过度等而垮下;精疲力尽

You'll burn yourself out if you go on working at this rate.如果你继续这样干下去的话,你的身体会垮掉的。


Their anger seems to have burned out.他们的愤怒似乎已经平息。