call for

1demandask for 要求

The man sat down and called for some beer.那人坐下来,要了一些啤酒。

This is a problem that calls for immediate solution.这是个要求立即解决的问题。

2go to pick upcollect 去接(某人);去取(某物)

I'll call for you at eight o'clock.我8点钟去接你。

The grocer's boy calls every Monday for orders.杂货店的服务员每周一来取定货单。

3require 需要

The present situation calls for rapid action by the government.当前的局势需要政府迅速采取措施。

Success in school calls for much hard work.在学校的成功需要付出大量的辛勤工作。

The work calls for endurance and patience.这工作需要忍耐和耐心。