call in

1invitesend for 邀请

They decided to call in a doctor because the child was not any better.他们决定请个医生来,因为那孩子一点不见好转。

2pay a short visitcall at sb's house 拜访某人的家

I may call in some time this coming SundayWill you be home?我可能这个星期天的某时候来拜访你,你会在家吗?

3ask to come indoors 要…进来

Call the children in nowit's getting dark outside.外面天快黑了,叫孩子们进来吧。

4require to be brought inorder the return of 要求归还

The library is calling in all outstanding books.图书馆要求归还所有久借不还的图书。

The bank has begun to call its money in.银行已开始要求偿清贷款。